Talent Strategy

1.Talent Evaluation Criteria:

One is Capability,the other is Manner.

2.Talent Training Principle:

﹒Strong initiative —— Not I was wanted to do, but I want to do.

With a strong initiative,firm and indomitable,do one’s job good independently。

﹒Positive Creativity —— Dare to dream, not willing to present situation.

To find positively new ideas, new ways of working and best way to achieve targets.

﹒Strong analysis ability —— To think positively, try to find best new idea.

Think about all questions in works and reach reasonable conclusion, to make immediate reaction to the fast changing commercial competition with a high intelligence.  

﹒Excellent leading ability —— Effective communication without limits,to lead and excite others.

Able to make good working relationship with colleagues, and try to help subordinates to develop their potentials.

﹒Excellent teamwork spirit —— To be one that understand the organization and needed by others.

To lead a team successfully and to gain best result. Know how to stimulate enthusiasm so as to develop individual and team effects in the work.

﹒Strong communication skills —— To influence others by good feelings,

confidence and target.

To express viewpoints simply and convincingly. Good at listening to other’s suggestion and feedback with an opening attitude while having influence to others.