4LBZ-110 Rice Combine Harvester
Category: Harvester  Publish Time: 2015-05-14 16:05 

4LBZ-110 Rice Combine Harvester

1. KYM combine harvester is a national patented product with many patented    

technologies. It has passed the authentication of the scientific research achievement by the National Bureau of Agricultural Machinery, and has obtained the agricultural machinery promotion license, and is a national major support project of agricultural machinery.

 2. It’s convenient in operating, it may be operated by both male and female easily. It’s small in size, light in weight, easy in travel control, flexible in turning. It’s simple in disassembling and convenient for maintenance.

  3. With high adaptability , it can be operated in both dry fields and paddy fields, and is suitable for harvesting in the large fields in plain areas and in the small fields in hill areas.

4. It’s strong in power and grade ability, it can pass the ridges conveniently and flexibly.

5.It’s of compact structure, threshes in two times. The first threshing integrates threshing and conveying, and the second threshing integrates threshing and sundries removal. The overall threshing effect is good.

Mini half-feeding is the current advanced harvesting technology in the world. It’s of high harvesting efficiency and low fuel consumption, and ensures the recycling of straws.

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