KYM350 Crawler Rotary Drilling Rig
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KYM350 Crawler Rotary Drilling Rig

KYM350 Crawler Rotary Drilling Rig is an equipment that suitable for making hole in foundation constructing project. The machine is of high automation, quick location, fast drilling, high working efficiency and simple in operation. It’s widely used in various soil conditions for various kinds of hole drilling projects such as bridge construction, municipal construction, civil houses construction and workshops constructions etc. The machine features as follows:

1.Adopts famous branded engine, it’s of strong power, stable operation, low fuel consumption, low noise, energy saving and environment protection.

2.Adopts good hydraulic system, high stability, no leakage, big torque and high efficiency.

3.The machine with compact structure design, operating is flexible and quick, suitable for various terrain and soil conditions, meet various construction requirements.

4. The main windlass is of two-way confluence, lifting and low down is quick and efficient, to reduce working time and increase efficiency.

5. Use high tension steel plate, increase the strength of the whole machine and it’s

Overall sizes                           7036x2300x3116mm (transport status)

Weight                                  9700kg (include standard drill tools)

Chassis length                         2930mm

Chassis extended width             2300mm

Crawler width                          2300mm

Engine power                          48kw/2200rpm

Max. output torque                   35kN.m

Hole diameter                           800-1200mm

Max. hole depth                        9000mm

Drilling rotary speed                   2-9rpm

Max. pressure                            20kN

Windlass lifting force                  60kN

Windlass lifting speed                 0-28m/min

Pressure cylinder stroke               600mm

Mast left/right tilting angle           5°

Mast front tilting angle                5°

System pressure                         26Mpa

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