KY60Y hydraulic excavator
Category: Excavator  Publish Time: 2015-05-28 15:27 

KY60Y hydraulic excavator

1 Adopts international famous brand engine with strong power, the power increase 15%, provides a high working efficiency.

. Adopts new type hydraulic system, low energy loss, quick response, précised control, provides strong digging force and high working efficiency.

· Die forming cabin, the design is accord with the human engineering, it’s of good looking and with a wide operating view, makes the operator feel comfortable.

·Adopts new technologies, provides good operating performance, it’s of energy

saving, high efficiency, comfortable, reliable and maintenance convenient.

A.Total length                              6060mm

B.Total height                              2545mm

C.Crawler length                           2460mm

D.Platform slewing radius              1700mm

E.Crawler width                            400mm

F.Machine width                           1870mm

Engine power                               39.8kw/2200rpm (Yanmar)

Machine weight                             5850kg

Bucket capacity                             0.23-0.26m3

Hydraulic system                           24.5Mpa

Variant pump                                110L/min

Constant pump                              36L /min

Platform slewing speed                   9-11rpm

Grading ability                                35°(70%)

Grounding ratio                               34 kpa

Travelling speed                              2.4-4.2 km/h

Max digging force                            43kN

Max hauling force                             51kN

G.Min. slewing radius                        2550mm

H.Max. digging height                        5730mm

I.Max. digging depth                          3835mm

J.Max. unloading height                      4000mm

K.Max. digging radius                          6325mm

L.Bulldozer max. pushing depth            300mm

M.Bulldozer max. lifting height              375mm

N.Bulldozer height                               300mm