KY60 hydraulic excavato
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KY60 hydraulic excavato

KY60 hydraulic excavator is a self-developed high class product of KYM company. The product is designed with advanced theory, seek for maximization of customer satisfaction. The machine adopts famous brand load-sensing hydraulic system, it can save energy up to 32% compare to the traditional hydraulic system. With strong digging force, it’s widely used in various construction projects such as communication, municipal, gardening, water supply etc.

1.Excellent performance

· Reasonable design, précised manufacturing and advanced technology ensures the high quality of the product.

. With reasonable equipments, the machine is suitable for various working conditions.

. Adopts international famous brand engine with strong power, it works stably, suitable for hard working environments.

. · Famous hydraulic system with high reliability, no leakage, long life. Famous brands high pressure oil pipes ensure the hydraulic pipe line without leakage.

· Die forming cabin, the design is accord with the human engineering, it’s of good looking and with a wide operating view, makes the operator feel comfortable.

· Good looking combine instrument provides fully monitoring and checking to

the machine.

. With a fuel filling pump, it’s convenient, flexible and safety.

. Second stage filtering protection for the engine air intake, prolong its operating life.

. Equips with safety valve for the boom and arm, it’s of humanization in operating.

. Provide options between rubber crawler and steel crawler.

Total length                              6060mm

Total height                              2550mm

Machine width                           1870mm

Crawler length                            2460mm

Crawler width                             400mm

Platform slewing radius                1700mm

Bulldozer height                          300mm

Performance Parameters

Engine power                               45kw/2200rpm (Cummins B3.3)

Machine weight                             5800kg

Bucket capacity                             0.23m3

Hydraulic system                            24.5Mpa

Variant pump                                110L/min

Constant pump                               /min

Platform slewing speed                   11-12rpm

Grading ability                               35°(70%)

Grounding ratio                             34 kpa

Travelling speed                             1.8-3.8 km/h

Max digging force                           45kN

Max hauling force                           46kN

Operating Range

Min. slewing radius                          2550mm

Max. digging height                         5730mm

Max. digging depth                          3835mm

Max. unloading height                       4000mm

Max. digging radius                           6326mm

Bulldozer max. pushing depth             302mm